BLOG- Carey has a lot to say!

Dear Buddha:

Roger Ansinelli makes me laugh out loud!

Roger Ansinelli makes me laugh out loud!

SOUND HEALING with Roger Ansinelli 

Today’s Buddism:
No one can heal us but ourselves. 

Hey guys, its Carey Reilly here and I am so excited for this episode of Dear Buddha. In this episode I’m hanging out with sound healer and spirit guide, Roger Ansinelli. When I first heard sound healing I thought? What the heck is that? Sound and healing, huh? I’m a terrible singer so that won’t work for me!

We started out day at his office in Hoboken. Right when Roger opened his office door he gave me a huge bear hug, so big  it actually DID take my breath away! I was very surprised when he asked me to remove my shoes. I was running around in the dark that morning gathering my things for a full day of shooting. The kids were sound asleep and I didn’t want to wake anyone, so I grabbed the first pair of socks in my drawer and put them on. Little did I know i would be asked to take my shoes off and you would see my crazy mismatched sock! C’mon, I can’t catch a break.

Roger has a wonderful ability to break things down to very simple terms.  He really comes to you as a teacher. My first question to him was, So, what is sound healing? Roger said, “The meaning of healing is moving into wholeness.” So you can only move anything in your world at the level in which you vibrate. People come to me to raise their vibration level. By vibrating higher you change the dynamic in space.” Wait a minute, did he just say space? Yep, he definitely did and now… I’m really interested. Roger goes on to say, “You change your environment and what is going on physiologically in your body.” Wow, that was a lot to take in but it makes sense. I think of how quickly my favorite song can spring me into dancing and raising my spirits.
Roger is also a beautiful vocalist. Which is great because I THINK i am a beautiful singer as well. There’s an ongoing gag in my house. My husband and my children hate my singing.  I sing in the shower, I sing when i bake, I sing when i am putting the laundry away. I truly believe I can sing. I actually think i could show Mariah Carey a few things or two. I make my voice go up and down and wave my hand around to my imaginary screaming fans in the audience.  But, because I’ve always been told I am the worst singer ever I NEVER EVER sing outside of my house. Its been hammered into me that I am tone deaf!  So, I told Roger that I didn’t think I was a good sound healing candidate.   Roger asked me to sing with him and he changed my life forever in that moment.. Because guess what? I am NOT tone deaf!!!!! Wooo HOoo let the singing begin!
 One of the first messages Roger has for me besides that I am NOT tone deaf  is that I need to be more “kind” to myself and i totally agree with him. As any mother out there I am always putting my children, husband and pets needs before my own. I am beating myself up if I gain a few extra pounds or my hair is turning gray. So I could see where taking a moment to act more kind to myself could help my well being.
The first therapy he does with me is called, Sonic. He says we all have energetic fields that radiate out from your body. He explains that he is going to go through each one making sounds and the sound is going to imprint those fields with new energy. I peaked and looked up at Roger with his arms spread out like he was flying over me and stopped myself from giggling. He did look like my son pretending he’s  Buzz Lightyear flying through my kitchen but then I truly did begin to feel spots in my body change. I felt the slightest release in my legs and my stomach.
Then he did the tuning forks on me and I could feel the heat generating on my skin…. I could feel the heat permeate the different parts of my body where he place the forks and sang It was truly remarkable.
I headed outside with Roger to the Hoboken pier where he told me how he got in to this work. He started out as a physical trainer and then he began receiving messages. “So, Spirit basically chose me, I did not choose this at all.”  Roger explained. Then he pulled out this big wine glass and showed me how to work a “sound bowl.” I took this paper towel looking stick and placed it gently around the outside of the bowl almost like playing a crystal wine glass. You have to press sort of firmly and slowly and then you start to hear the sound. Its very relaxing and peaceful.
Roger was truly an amazing person and I wish we could show all the incredible therapies he did for me and the whole crew that day. We all felt like we were given a day with someone very special who had an incredible gift to heal. Thank you Roger for having a “bright shiny day” with me and teaching me how to be more “kind” to myself.
I would definitely go back to Roger and with a few visits feel that I could get my vibration to a different level.